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One year on

So it was a year ago today that I started this blog! So what has changed? Two big things; despite our continued differences, my wife is so much more accepting of me bless her. She’s had to come a very …

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Maybe, just maybe

So the previous “catch 22′s” were from another discussion on Sunday which was painful enough to see me through a full litre bottle of Baileys by the end of the day.  My head the next morning was not good. However, …

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Catch 22 part 2

“You can’t be a woman” “Why not” “You do lots of things the way a man would” “Oh.  How would a woman, who’d been treated & taught like a man all her life, do it?”  

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Catch 22 part 1

“You can’t be a woman” “Why not?” “Because you’re being selfish and not putting us first; a woman wouldn’t do that” “What do you think I’ve been doing for the last 10 years?”  

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I cant do this any more

My wife started crying again last night, brought on by my legs still being fairly hair free. I’ve bought & used an epilator. She knew I wanted one but I’d not told her I’d actually got one last month  – …

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Things settled after ‘the’ conversation but not for long. On Sunday morning my wife accused me of not caring about our daughter… Not caring about the fact that she’ll grow up always being weird and the odd one out because …

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