Maybe, just maybe

So the previous “catch 22′s” were from another discussion on Sunday which was painful enough to see me through a full litre bottle of Baileys by the end of the day.  My head the next morning was not good.

However, I feel I’ve turned a corner.  I’m being honest with myself and honest with my wife. I wont agree that I probably wont transition, I do think I’ll end up moving out of our home … I wont give her false hope.  I know this is much harder for my wife but I hope against hope its kinder in the long run.

We were able to talk about my leaving as if its going to happen – we’ve decided to wait until after my GIC assessment (whether that be the 1st appointment or after 2 or 3) depending on whats said.

She also said she’d still like to come with me to BNO in January and I’ve made an informal taxi share arrangement with someone on twitter who is, by fabulous good fortune, also going with their partner.

Maybe, just maybe, this might work out ok?

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