One year on

So it was a year ago today that I started this blog!

So what has changed? Two big things; despite our continued differences, my wife is so much more accepting of me bless her. She’s had to come a very long way and though its probably still not enough to keep us together in the face of my changes, I’m actually hopeful now that we just might.  The other thing is that after my 2011 half-year of trying to suppress my own heartfelt self, I got out into the world in 2012 and simply loved it!

My ambitions for 2013

  • To be me, in my own home, wherever that may be
  • To go full time
  • To get hormones
  • To have a future and put depression into the past

Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2013




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3 Responses to One year on

  1. jane says:

    happy xmas lisa. have a lovely chrisrtmas. x

  2. jane says:

    i know how to spell christmas and there’s the proof. x

    • Lisa Severn says:

      Hi Jane

      Lol! Thank you! Hope you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year.

      Thank you for your support this year, it meant more than you can know x


      [Reposting this in the right place as a reply -oops :) ]