Bitter sweet

A night out with my wife but not quite the usual meal out and a couple of drinks, this was a night out at Pink Punters with me as Lisa for the first time.

We got to the hotel and I stayed in the room getting smelly & smooth with the veet whilst my wife did a bit of shopping. I’d just finished when she came back … time to get ready!

It was scary as hell but we did it, both in new dresses!  My wife was ace, taking it in her stride and even doing my eye makeup for me :-)   We met two twitter friends there and between us had a fantastic time with lots of chatting, gossip, drinking and dancing. I have to say that again. We *both* had a really good time.

Time flew and it was gone 4am before we were heading back to the hotel with the clear intention, since reiterated, to do this again.

There has to be a downer though doesn’t there … as we chat on the way back/next day it becomes clear that my wife was hoping that this would be enough, that a part-time night out once in a while would be enough for me. My heart sinks, I had hoped the opposite, that we might have had a future even if I transition permanently.


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