A week in London

Last week my company, bless it, decided to send me on a course in London but enough about that … 5 evenings in a London hotel :-)

I actually didn’t get out until the Tuesday.  I had thought to have a wander on Monday but although I got ready, I didn’t go out, the Julie Birchill transphobic article was playing round my head and I wasn’t feeling that sure of myself anyway. On the Tuesday however, I’d arranged to meet my twitter friend Lisa (another one!) at a TransLondon support meeting. I was late of course but Lisa looked after me and we had a really good chat afterwards.

Wednesday, I went off on my own to Oxford Street and had an enjoyable hour out and about, though mainly in Primark! Bought a few bits before back to the hotel.

Lisa and me at the Observer demo

Thursday, I ducked out of the course a few minutes early and went, via my quickest-ever get ready at the hotel, to the demonstration against the transphobic article outside the Guardian/Observer offices in Kings Cross. Had a fun time shouting and chatting – Lisa was there as well – before we disbanded and went our seperate ways. I went off to Oxford Street again :-)   This time to TopShop and Primark again, looking for presents which I totally failed to find :-(

On Friday, it snowed a lot and my plans to catch the train to Nottingham for a night out there were scuppered and I had to go home …

… but I’ve been out in London 3 times, with a half dozen tube rides, some massively busy places & shops … and no real bother at all.  Just one comment when on Oxford St. to be ignored.

When I do get home, theres a letter from the GIC with my next appointment date, at the end of February – brilliant!

It was a good week :-)



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