Selling the house

The house has been photographed and measured, the estate agent paid. It’ll be on the market before then end of this week. To look at things logically, this is the best way – selling the house will leave us without debts and, so long as I’m not sacked when I come out as a trans woman at work, things will be easier financially for us both. Emotionally, however, its awful. I can’t imagine ever being as settled as I have been here. If it wasn’t for me, this would have been a happy and lovely home but …

The next step is to tell my daughter. At the moment, she knows we’re selling the house but she doesn’t know that I won’t be living with her and her mom, or that I will be starting a new stage of my life as a woman myself. I think we’re going to tell her next week (half term) but I’m dreading it. My daughter is lovely, confident and clever … and it simply breaks my heart to make her have to deal with something like this.

I always promised I’d do anything I could to keep bad things from happening to her, but that’s not true anymore is it?


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2 Responses to Selling the house

  1. jane says:

    Hey Lisa, sending you strength and bravery! This is immensely hard but it isn’t a bad thing. This is an honest thing. I hope it goes well and calmly. BIG fingers crossed and I’ll be thinking of you. Jx