You seem to have decided … I think you’re ready

“You seem to have decided … I think you’re ready” is what my GIC counsellor said to me half way through my last appointment. The counselling was to help me through the minefield of trying to cope with transitioning whilst keeping the hurt & impact to my wife and daughter to a minimum. We were both to have gone along, to see if we could find a way to survive this, or at least manage a graceful separation based on mutual understanding …. but …

… we’ve already decided.  My wife & I, in our own ways have made the mental change from ‘hanging on to the past’ to ‘future plans’. My wife has found a housing association flat in the next village and yesterday committed to moving into it with our daughter. She gets the keys next week and plans to move in a few weeks time. Sometime after that, she told me, she plans to divorce me on grounds of unreasonable behaviour.  Its as simple as that; after all this time, 18 months since I started this blog, we’re on the point of separation & divorce. I’ll miss them both so much and I’m so, so sorry I wasn’t strong enough to hold all this in.

My wife has asked me to help with the move so I hope that not all is lost and we can still be friendly and work together at being good co-parents.  Just the house to get sold now, before I can move on too.


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