Getting ready for full time

I’ve asked HR at work for a meeting to talk about coming out at work full time and managing any potential discrimination. Its all aiming toward living full time, with my proper name, from the end of August. If I can do that, my counsellor says she will put me forward to start hormones in September.

In the meantime, I’ve arranged weekly facial electrolysis and laser body-hair removal to give me a fighting chance of being presentable come the day. The main issue is facial hair; after 2 or 3 days of ultra-close shaving, my face is a bumpy ruin that screams out ‘beard’ no matter how deep the concealer.

It seems crazy, but the GIC will only fund hair removal *after* you’re on hormones. They’ll also only give you hormones *after* you’re living full time. Ergo, you can only have hair removal to help you fit in with society once you’re already out in that society. I presume its done this way to demonstrate some commitment and not waste resources but its so harsh that the physical aspects of support are only available some weeks/months after you’ve started the biggest of life changes. It feels like a test rather than treatment.


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