They’ve gone

In the end it happened quite quickly. My wife chanced upon a vacant housing association flat in the next village and quickly committed to it. Within the month, on the 30th June in fact, they were moving out.  My wife & daughter now live separately from me. I’m staying in the house until its sold.

Its taken me over 3 weeks to write that, all the guilt of the last couple of years came flooding back to stop me saying the words. All the packing and dividing of belongings that were never meant to be split. The photos and momentos of 10 years of marriage.  The explaining to our daughter that we make each other sad. All the hope & love we had for a future appears gone.

We didn’t manage it. Like so many others before us, my coming out trans, was ultimately the beginning of the end of our relationship. I can only vow, with all my heart, never to enter another relationship with anything less than full honesty about who I am.

you’ll never find her when you’re still looking for yourself“, Fish, Zoe 25



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