Name change and seeing my parents

I had a month to get ready. I bought a whole load of cheap staple clothes … tops, skirts, trousers, bras, knickers. I ordered a new wig and I arranged a deed poll.

My name is now, officially, legally, Lisa. I have a bank account and credit card in my name with a driving licence applied for. My passport will have to wait as its £70 and I’m very skint at the moment.

I’ve told work and arranged to tell my colleagues on 24th July. I’ve told a few selected people at work beforehand and met with 100% positive reactions. Even  my boss, who I was worried about due to a very macho manner, has been great.

I also got to show my parents their new daughter. I drove down as me and spent the morning there. “Oh you’re prettier than I expected” was my favourite comment :-)   My parents are fine; I’m sure they’d still rather it hadn’t happened but they’re not going to abandon me as happens to a lot of trans people.

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