Telling my daughter

Up until now my daughter has been unaware of the real reason my ex and I split. On Sunday just gone, I told her.

I explained that most of the time boys grow up to be men and girls grow up to be women, but that very rarely it goes wrong and a boy is born who should have been a girl or vice versa. I explained that I was one of those people, that I’d always felt I should have been a girl and that I’ve been seeing special doctors who are going to help me change my body into a womans so that I don’t have to feel sad anymore.

I then got ready as Lisa whilst she sat in the room (not in a loving moment, she was playing on my phone, but heh, she’s nearly nine!) after which she only balked at my wearing lipstick and a wig. I took both back off but, after her favourite toy had worn my wig for a bit, I was able to put it back on and get on with the rest of the day. I’m not too worried about the lipstick, her mom tends not to wear it so probably looking especially odd on me.

By the time it came to take her home, she was reasonably comfortable with me, calling me “heh girly girl” when she wanted something and I drove her home dressed as me.

I’m expecting some kind of backlash when she realises how unusual what I’m doing is and how others think about it, but for now, its gone as well as I could have hoped.


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