Full time

On the 27th July 2013 it was the first TransPride in Brighton. I’d travelled down the day before, deliberately in boy mode so that I could call the 27th genuinely the first full day of my being Lisa … permanently.  I thought the journey down would be fine but I experienced proper dysphoria for the first time in a while just from seeing my reflection in the train windows, but I got there and quickly changed out of my boy clothes for what was the last ever time.

The first night was a cinema evening watching the film ‘Tomboy’ as well an excellent short about Alice by Fox & Lewis of ‘My Transsexual Summer’ fame as part of their MyGenderation series. A late finish and lack of local knowledge meant bed by midnight :-)

Next morning, I arranged to meet some friends off twitter for breakfast.  They’ve all been really inspirational to me, even more so in real life; they’re all really pretty! :-)   So despite feeling a bit ‘ugly sister’ I had a good time listening & chatting to them.

Afterwards we trooped off to TransPride itself, taking part in the unofficial march to the venue and then spending the whole day there. It was really hot at first and eventually I cracked and changed from leggings to a skirt …. which within minutes had caused the clouds to open and rain to fall! Everyone ran for it and my friends went their separate ways … but the rain stopped and many of us returned to see out the day.  I’m really glad I did as I met another couple of people, including Alice from the previous nights film, and finally got to tell Sarah Savage how much her being on My Transsexual Summer meant to me all those months ago :-)

The evening event was in a club with some great live perfomances, some good new friends and somewhat too much good wine :-)   Chatting in the smoking area (I don’t smoke by the way) led me to discover the next morning how wigs don’t react well to getting rained on! Brolly next time!

On Sunday I caught the train home, skipping the beach picnic in favour of being well prepared for my first day at work as me on Tuesday.  Theres a short MyGenderation film of TransPride … I’ll definitely be there next year!



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2 Responses to Full time

  1. Tracey says:

    Lisa, I wouldn’t call yourself the ugly sister, your amazing. You have been so inspirational to me and still continue to be. Since meeting and talking to you at Sparkle then on Twitter and reading these blogs you have helped me much more than you will ever know. I actually quoted to someone yesterday “Lisa’s been like my agony aunt”. Your amazing Lisa and your a role model for all trans people (and there partners lol)out there.
    Tracey x