Telling Work

As planned with HR, on Wednesday 24th, I had a meeting. Well actually three meetings in the end, in which I told my work colleagues face to face that I am transgendered and that I’m going to start coming to work dressed as a woman with the name Lisa.

I made sure to say I would be wearing a wig, makeup & womens clothes so that they knew what to expect.¬† The first of the 3 meetings was by far the scariest; I had 3 people from HR, my boss, the CIO as well as a 10 people from my team but it went ok. Most just listened in silence, a few said ‘well done’. Afterwards was great, a definite relief and a few people came up to chat, more so after I sent round an email with a 1 page about gender dysphoria that my friend Meagan wrote.

That was on Wednesday. I then took  Thursday РMonday off work and went down to Brighton for TransPride :-)



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