First day at work

So this was it. The scariest day I’ve been able to imagine until now. Going into the office I’ve worked in for the last 9 years dressed as a woman for the first time. Knowing I face a 50 metre walk from the lift to my desk past about 100 people.

In the end I decided to go in about 9:30am (I work flexitime) when everyone else was likely to be there, reasoning that its better that everyone sees me and ‘gets it over with’.  It did also give me extra time to get ready and generally faff nervously :-)

In the end it went really well. Nobody laughed or smirked or indeed, ran away screaming “the horror!…” :-)   I just walked calmly in, sat down and pretended to work for a bit.  Throughout the day lots of people came up to me to wish me well; lots of “you’re brave” which was nice, though I don’t really feel that way and a few “you look really nice” which I certainly did appreciate!

By the end of the day it was more relaxed, not quite normal yet, but getting there.  I’d done it; my name is Lisa, my driving licence and bank cards say Lisa, my work ID says Lisa and I now, finally after 35+ years, live my live authentically, brilliantly, happily full time as me :-D


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