New school year

As I’ve been getting on with my life, literally living what was once my dream, I’ve begun worrying about my daughters return to school.  The fact that I’m trans and living as a woman is now common knowledge and my daughters classmates will know.

The question is what will they, or worse, their parents, say? I think I’m going to have to teach my daughter some basic terminology and specifically, why “tranny” is such a bad thing to say despite what Stonewall might have sent to schools (FFS!)  Hopefully the teachers will be able to keep an eye out for any name-calling; its a small school so I’m optimistic they will, but …

What worries me is that whatever is said to my daughter might affect the great relationship we’ve built up over the summer, might make her question whether she’s right to just get on with me as if I’m the same as every other parent. Or it might make her think she has to keep secret any bad things others say about me.  I really don’t want her to do that, its too much for a young kid to have to cope with alone.

So I’ve started to worry. Two weeks of school holiday left to go.


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One Response to New school year

  1. Tracey says:

    Think you will just have to sit her down and try to talk to her like you say. Reassure her that if anything is said you need her to tell you. The love between you shows on that Blackpool photo. Just keep doing what your doing and I’m sure it will be ok :)