Employers Letter to the GIC

I’ve seen a couple of searches and requests for the same thing that I found hard to find, i.e. an example of an employers letter to a GIC “proving” that I work there under a female identity – one of the key requirements for being prescribed hormones at the gender panel in September.  I ended up writing my own based on suggesestions from twitter peeps that had done the same; HR then put it on headed paper and signed. Its probably overkill; a few people described sending letters simply stating “I confirm <female name> works here as a <job title>”, but I elaborated a bit :-)

Anyway, it was accepted by the GIC without fuss so I’ll call it a win. Feel free to copy & use:

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to confirm that <old name> has requested that she be henceforth recognised as <new name>, and that this request has been fully respected and facilitated by her employers <employer name>.

I would like to confirm that Lisa is receiving the full support of Human Resources, management and her work colleaugues in respect of the change she has made to lifestyle and gender. She has been working full time as a <job title> in her new identity as a woman at our office in Sheffield since Tuesday 30th July.


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