One month on

I’ve been full time for a month now and its been absolutely brilliant. I’ve no regrets about doing it and life just feels *right*. Even that extra hour in the morning and the tedium of makeup & wig before I can leave the house is  absolutely worth the trouble. Transitioning is, so far, one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Clearly a large part of that has been the acceptance I’ve had from work colleagues and the majority of the public. At work everyone is used to me now; they call me Lisa and things just happen as they did before. Although, saying that, there are subtle differences … doors are held open for me more now and someone offered to help me carry a box that wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow 6 weeks ago. Language has changed a bit too and I’m not, thank the stars, ‘one of the guys’ anymore.

And yes, the ladies toilets *are* nicer than the gents, and have better mirrors :-)


Out in public, the most tedious thing is the staring. I get it everywhere I go. Some are just over-long glances but some are downright rude. Interactions are usually fine, 90% of the time everyones just polite, but 5% of the time I do get a filthy look or very curt replies.  The other 5%?  Thats for the brilliant people who deliberately make me feel included or welcome when I don’t pass.

In the end its tough, I’m who I want to be and whatever someones thinking doesn’t matter one jot, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.  Happy to be alive.


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