Coming out on Facebook

I’ve been full time for a month. People I don’t see at all often or used to work with but haven’t told about me are finding out through gossip. So I decided to come out on my old facebook account and invite anyone who wanted to stay friends to join me on my new one.

Since this included my former school friends I tipped off my parents and gave them a week to let their friends know. So I posted a coming out and I’ve had about 20 people out of 80 come across so far but the main thing is the relief that theres no more secrets and *everyone* finally knows.

But ….

A few days later I get a call from my ex who is really upset that her friends and other people in the village who know us have found out about me. I’m not sure when she expected me to keep it a secret until but I think 2 months after she’s moved out is reasonable…  Anyway, she gets cross with me and then I get cross with her and its ll gone a bit wrong for calm & considered co-parenting :-(

At the heart of the problem is of course the fact that she’s still embarrassed at being associated with me and its starting to dawn on me that that might be the way of things permanently.


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One Response to Coming out on Facebook

  1. Tracey says:

    The best way to tell it Lisa is straight from the horses mouth and that’s what you did on facebook. Your better off telling them before you bump into them in the street. Hugs xx