I got the solictors letter through from my ex. They want details of all earnings, pensions, assets, debts, everything :-/

I knew it was coming but I was still really upset by the tone of the letter. The implication all the way through is that we’re adversaries and I’m a horrid person from whom a fair settlement must be dragged. Oh, I’m being divorced for “unreasonable behaviour” which is a reason valid in the UK for an immediate divorce. I object to the name; how many other diagnosed medical conditions would be described as ‘unreasonable’ I wonder? There will be some I admit, but not many. Anyways, I can tolerate the slur so long as its not used to attribute legal costs against me later down the line… yes, something to beware of apparently :-(

In truth I just want that fair settlement. Half my pensions, half the cash from selling the house and a monthly payment of support from me is all *fine*

The worse thing is my ex’s solicitor is trying to stop the house sale proceeds being paid directly to us which will mean delays in paying off debts and me struggling to pay a rent on somewhere to live. Quite why we couldn’t sort the shared house & shared debt first, then get divorced I don’t know.


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