Speech Therapy

I’ve started speech therapy, organised via the GIC, though after 3 sessions, I haven’t done much actual speaking yet!  The first session was an assessment of my voice as it is and its potential range and basically involved standing up saying (and singing!) various silly things. The therapist is lovely though and there’s no need to feel self conscious – it was fine.

The second and third appointments focussed on posture and breathing respectively, including some exercises to help me stand up straight as well as make my face more ‘mobile’. In fact we spend a lot of time working on general posture and presentation on the basis that much communication is non-verbal. The breathing exercises focus on getting a good exhale/inhale cycle going, the reasoning behind which will doubtless become clear as we go on :-)

I also got walked up & down for 10 minutes to try and feminise my walk; it turns out that I’m overcorrecting in terms of keeping my feet close together (I have narrow hips anyway) but the main issue is taking too large a step. I find it quite hard to slow down :-)   Certainly not what I expected from speech therapy!


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