House sale and Homeless

It looks like the house sale is going to happen but I got a big shock last week when the estate agent phoned to ask if I could move out in less than 3 weeks time! After much panicking and running around looking at various flats and houses, I think I’ve found somewhere.

I’ve put down a deposit and I’m just waiting for my references to be checked before I can move. It takes about a week, so I’ll have about 4-5 days to get myself out of my old house and into the new one :-)

I’m moving back into Sheffield. The scenery isn’t as nice but the 100Mbps broadband will help me adjust :-)   Hopefully I can merge quietly into a larger community without being the talk of the village as happens at the moment.

Please cross your fingers that my references check out OK or I’ll be homeless! Don’t panic …


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One Response to House sale and Homeless

  1. Tracey says:

    My fingers have been crossed for the last week. They will have blisters soon lol:)