Moving house

I’ve found a house to live in, and negotiated the problem of a failed credit check; I’ve booked the removals company and packed most of my things into boxes.

For other reasons I had to have my cat put to sleep last week. I’d had him for 14 years, though he was a year or two older than that, being a rescue cat originally. I cried buckets, he’s actually been in my life longer than my wife or daughter … that cat has seen some sights let me tell you!

Add in that my ex has, thankfully, taken the fish tank to save me some stress and I have a very still house suddenly. Tonight I’ll be taking my daughters pictures down and boxing her remaining toys, not to mention the TV & hifi.

Our home is turning back into a house and its desperately sad.


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One Response to Moving house

  1. Tracey says:

    But you have a new house and before too long you will have converted it into your home. On another positive note your only 12 days away from hormones :)