After a seeming eternity, my appointment came around and off I went to the GIC to be prescribed hormones :-)   However, normally, people see the Doctor and then go straight to the nurse for an anti-androgen appointment, but my nurse appointment got cancelled. Whats happening I wonder?

So I see the doctor and after a brief chat I’m asked what hormone types I want (patches or gel). I opt for gel having heard of problems with patches either coming off or leaving sticky residue. In particular I was worried about how they’d cope with the sweaty mess I become after going to the gym :-)

So gel it is and after I’d signed a pair of discalimer forms (has anyone ever not signed these at this point?!), I’m given a prescription and half an hour later I’m clutching two tubes of Oestrogel :-D

I’ve been put on 1.5mg oestrogen per day, which is a very low dose and not offered an anti-androgen injection, though its OK for me to keep taking my Inhouse sourced dutasteride. I am dissapointed with this. I’m no spring chicken and I wanted to start higher than that, especially knowing a friend had got exactly that from the same Doctor and clinic, but when I challenged him, he denied it. I *hate* it when they lie :-(

Ultimately I don’t really have a choice. I’ve got 6 weeks on this dose before I have a blood test and back to the doctor for a review. After 8 days, I’ve not noticed any difference at all, good or bad. I hope this is just the low dose and not my body being resistant to oestrogen … cue background worries … cue mirror based dysphoria but I know that time will tell. However, smearing my thighs* with gel has honestly become the highlight of my day. I love the feeling that something might, just might, be starting to make me better.


* its there, or your inner arm, for best absorbtion; takes about 10 minutes to soak in.


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