An intense kind of week

Its been a pretty intense week relationship-wise.

It was prompted by my asking if I could spend a few nights away to ‘do my thing’, including a Nottingham Invasion event but  my wife isn’t happy and says this breaks our agreements.

It transpires she wants me to “not make any changes” until I’ve been for counseling, i.e. not to do anything more than I’ve already done. To me this is irrelevant; I still *want* to do things whether I actually do them or not. So whilst she’s worried that I’ll become more and more drawn to being a woman 24×7, I desperately want to go out and do more.  So we argued.

The compromise I proposed and seems OK at the moment is for me to go out to Sparkle only this year and in return she has suggested that I go away for a night this Friday. This gesture was appreciated but isn’t appealing because it wont give me much time and comes with big restrictions … I don’t know whether to go or not.

What also happened during our arguing was my wife starting to realise that this could be the end of our marriage and she talked of us selling the house and splitting up. I have to admit given all the arguing and all the stress, the idea is tempting, but its also a terrible loss. I need the counseling soon; a massive decision is fast approaching and I don’t want it to be a massive mistake.

Unfortunately GIC counseling is a 12-month waiting list. I fear this will be too late as we’re stressed or arguing every other day, something that’s just not sustainable for either of us.


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