Failing strength

Its now been about 6 weeks since Sparkle and I haven’t dressed since. The longer it gets, the more I suffer depression; it’s now every few days and getting deeper each time. I don’t think I’m coming up all the way again afterwards either and its all starting to merge together.  I even took a knife to my arm for the first time in a long time at the weekend although I only scratched rather than cut…

My wife is feeling better after a Dr’s visit and with counselling booked but I don’t know if I dare talk about doing anything feminine. I don’t want to push *her* back towards depression but I’m going to go mad if I don’t get out as me soon.

As always, I don’t know what to do. I’ve emailed the GIC a few times to get an updated estimate of my appointment date but they still haven’t replied (with the info).  I need it to be soon.  I’m starting to consider that I might not make it.


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