No progress

I’m really hurting at the moment through lack of progress. I read about other people getting hormones and GIC appointments and SRS but I’m stuck in limbo.

I want to transition, to become full time, with or without GIC support, but I can’t because its not fair to my wife to do it in the same house when she hates it so much. I can’t move out because I can’t afford to – unless I also make my wife & child homeless which I obviously don’t want to do.

I’m going to go insane :(


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2 Responses to No progress

  1. jane says:

    I really hope you’re ok. I’m the wife of a wo(man) who very recently told me he is a trans woman although s/he identifies as both male and female. S/he has had horrific troubles all their life, including near suicide and intense pain and self hating. I love her more than ever and you deserve to be loved. Although I’m really really new to all this I know that over time you will be happier and life will improve. I know people who have been right through the transition and who are finally whole. You will get there. Just please please take care of yourself; you deserve to be well not hurt and others around you also need you to be well even if they don’t understand what is going on.

    • lisa says:

      Hi Jane

      Thanks for your message and a big, big *hug* on behalf of your partner for your love and courage. I hope she is feeling happier now.

      I am trying to be ok and trying not to hurt people but most days failing at both. I’m still here, still going though – I think that’ll have to suffice for now.

      Lisa xx