GIC reply

Yes, Sheffield GIC got back to me yesterday. When I first got referred to them, they said the waiting times “for my list” were about a year. That puzzled me at the time but hey-ho, I thought, whatever. Now I know.

The list in question is “those funded by Derbyshire PCT”. I know this because the GIC finally contacted me to tell me that funding from the PCT had run out and consequently they couldn’t give a date for my first appointment. The GIC have gone back to the PCT for more money and are awaiting their decision. If the extra money is not forthcoming, it could be 2-3 years before I’m seen.

I used to live in Sheffield. If I still did, I’m told (by someone at the GIC), that I would have been seen within the 18 week NHS target – or a couple of months ago.

So I’m just numb from the consequences of not having a target date to hold things together until. I’m trying to be angry at the system but I keep slipping back into despondancy. I’m not asking for expensive surgery here, just the chance to talk to someone.

I’ve emailed PALS and suppose I will go back to my GP to tell her whats not happening.

If the decision goes the wrong way … I can’t wait 2-3 years.


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